Jeeping in Gelendzhik

Jeeping in Gelendzhik

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Exciting excursion of Gelendzhik - Jumping on the Pshad waterfalls. On the way, you will see amazing panoramic views of the mountains and the opportunity to feel the approach to the tops of the peaks of these mountains.

The route is family-run, so it is great for both adults and young children, since the hiking part of the route is minimal. You visit the waterfalls of the lower reaches of the Pshada River. Instead of large waterfalls, we bring you to the park "Yin-Yan". The park is in Japanese style, Japanese music plays, there is trout farming, oriental cuisine, public gardens, ponds, ducks.

Duration of the excursion is 5 - 6 hours.

Immediately after payment you will be sent a voucher and guide contacts, which you will show before the tour starts (you can directly from the phone - you do not need to print anything).


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