Scuba diving in Noumea

Scuba diving in Noumea

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For the first steps in diving we offer instruction in our club. After studying the basics, sign language and getting acquainted, you pass a small exam and all of you try in practice right there picking up our equipment, suits and diving equipment with our instructors, which we have prepared for you at any size!

We offer diving from the shore, as well as from a boat. Both dives are conducted in the open Black Sea. Upon completion of the course, at your request, a certificate of honor and a diploma on the passage of the initial course of diving.

After the first dives and for more experienced and confident teams, we are happy to organize scuba diving on the high seas! For diving in the high seas, our own fleet consists of two beautiful RIBs from which it is very convenient to dive with scuba gear.

Immersion is carried out in the Tolstoy area of ​​the cape of Gelendzhik in the open sea with experienced instructors. The scuba dive site is called "Anchor Bank" and has a depth of 4 meters at its peak, which is very comfortable for the first dives. It is possible to dive 10 meters into an underwater gorge.

Time of arrival under water 25 - 30 min. 10-12 hours before diving, please refrain from drinking alcohol. The entire tour accompanies the instructor. After diving, you can purchase an international certificate of your dive.

Immediately after payment you will receive a voucher with contacts a guide that will show you before the start of the tour (you can right from your phone - no printing is required).


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