Golden ring of Abkhazia

Golden ring of Abkhazia

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As a rule, departure from Sochi is made early in the morning, then tourists cross the Russian-Abkhaz border and go to Gagra. Here, the excursion stops at the famous Gagra Colonnade, widely known for many films and outdoor types. The guide tells tourists about the castle of Prince Oldenburg, located in Gagra, about the restaurant "Gagripsh" brought from Norway in the early 20th century in disassembled form and built by European masters in the Gagra Upland. In Gagra, tourists will see the ruins of the ancient fortress of Abaat (IV-V century), the remains of the Christian church (6th century) and the tower of Bestuzhev-Marlinsky (XIX century).

Then the excursion goes to Pitsunda, where tourists can see the famous mandarin gardens, the park area with the relic Pitsunda pine and the cleanest beaches, the water of which is the second most transparent in the world, second only to the waters of the Sargasso Sea.

Immediately after payment you will receive a voucher with contacts a guide that will show you before the start of the tour (you can right from your phone - no printing is required).

Place of departure: Sochi: the square with the clock at the main entrance to the park "Riviera" - 06:50 (from the park to the Stadium) Adler: from the stop "Lavrovaya" - 07:30, from the stop "South Vzmorye" / "Komsomolets" - 07:35, Olympic Park: hotel Imeretinsky - 07:45


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