Group «Medjikul»

Group «Medjikul»

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The group "Medzhikul" is a new sensation born of the sound revolution of the last few years, conquering the dance floors with its incendiary music, which goes well with the light, and at the same time ironic and funny Russian-language texts.

Songs of the group "MEDJIKUL" is a balance on the verge of the most relevant styles: NuDisco, Futurefunk, Neosoul. The inevitable parallels with such colleagues on the shop as Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke are flashed. Playful, erotic-filled melodies instantly settle in the head and excite the body. And with all the obvious futuristic digital sound in the songs "MEDJIKUL" well-feel warm lamp soul, reminiscent of the Moutaunsky rhythm-n-near the 70's.


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