Sochi, Iceberg

Sochi, Iceberg

Adler, Olympic Park, triumphal street

The Palace of Sports Iceberg can truly be attributed to the great constructions of engineers of our time. This "piece of iceberg" of sky-blue color, will conquer the beauty of the heart of even a person far from sports. The sports complex is a highlight of Sochi. The beauty of the palace, maintains the quality of the building. Materials of the highest standard: steel, solid concrete and transparent, like a tear, glass. The area of ​​the building is 68 thousand square meters. With this volume, it accommodates 12 thousand people. Fire safety and sanitary standards, at the highest level. The sports complex was erected for three years, from 2009 to 2012. He was preparing for the international Olympic Games 2014. Immediately after construction, the palace was tested. In it the finale of the Grand Prix for figure skating 2012-2013 was held.

All activities for the construction and preparation for the 2014 Olympics were controlled at the state level. That once again confirms the level of quality and safety. Manages this "masterpiece", the honored worker of physical culture is Isaak Valitsky. Behind the shoulders, who has extensive experience in the field of management in the field of physical education. Inside, "heavenly handsome" is also striking in its beauty and practicality. Passing turnstiles are equipped with a barcode scanner. This allows you to protect yourself from those who want to go with a fake ticket. In addition, electronic turnstiles not only protect from "rabbits", but also conduct statistical counting of visitors. The complex is equipped with ramps, an elevator and equipped bathrooms, and the sectors have color differences. Everything is done for the convenience of the fans. Great attention is given to the quality of ice. Special water treatment and water treatment systems give the ice the necessary structure. And Canadian special machines, polish the ice to perfection.


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